The SBF was established by law on the 18th of October 2006 and is a permanent platform for dialogue between the public and the private sector. The Suriname Business Development Center (SBC) was established to perform as the executive office of the Suriname Business Forum.

The Suriname Business Center especially aligns on:

1. creating an opportunely enterprise climate for the development of the Local Private Sector (LPS)

2. promoting the entrepreneurship

The main goal is sustainable and innovative development of the local private sector(LPS).

One of its legal duties is to formulate the National strategy for development of the LPS.

In this context SBF wrote the National strategy and a National strategic action plan for development of the local private sector, in which the focus is on 6 core areas being:

  • A modern and harmonized legislation conducive to the development of the LPS
  • Increase of investments in the LPS
  • Strengthening competitiveness LPS
  • Development of sustainable growth sectors.
  • Improvement government services to LPS
  • Strengthening Public -Private- Dialogue (PPD)

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